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I cast my eyes upon the dark night,
Drawn down to things far more near.
I cast my eyes upon the ground before me,
The light extinguished from her eyes.

I call out to the heavens for forgiveness,
My voice a shrill echo of nothing.
I call out so close almost to touch,
Apologies fall deaf just after loosing from my lips.

The door remains open in the dead of night,
And yet I do not take a single step.
The door remains open to your hold on me,
The icy grip on my forearm tells me you still linger.

A single tear rolls into the void of my soul,
Heavenly beings don't even want look upon my visage.
A single tear rolls down the cool skin,
Dying now would be but redundancy.

The blood that flows through dark hearts,
Screams of agony bitten back into clenched teeth.
The blood that flows out of the freshly made wound,
Crimson drops into the dance of dilution.


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