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No Context needed
"Do you even like me anymore?"  "Promise me."  "Swear on your daughter?"  "Are you behaving yourself"  "I feel like you hate me now."  "I am not mad at you just mad at the situation."  "You never compliment me anymore, I want you to want to compliment me."  "All those people don't matter, I matter."  "When are you coming home?"  "Ugh fine.  I'll see you later."  "Who are those whores?"  "Daddy can't put down his laptop for us."  "Why can't someone else do what you do?  Why do they suck so much and you have to do that?  Why can't you come home now?  Tell them your wife hates them."  "It will be better next year."  "It will be better in February."  "It will be better in May."  "I don't want to put pressure on you, but you handle it better than me."  "You are my favorite."  "Did you come to bed last night?"  "I am the one you want to be with forever right?"  "I need you home now."  "Who you talking to?  Who is that?"  "Do you hate me?"  "Are you happy you married me?"  "Can you believe it's been almost five years?"


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