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 Monthly update time for the hell of it.  

Went through the first round of midterm fun that all seem to fall on the same week and came out with 2 As, 1 B, and a C on tests.  Had three projects done then as well that I got two As and waiting on the third to see the grade.  Anthropology is done like a graduate level class as I have spent close to 10 hours on my first major project just doing data processing and research before the actual paper.  The good news is that I got to head home for three days to see rob off before he shipped to boot camp for the marines in late march.  I got to talk to my dad about the military option and amongst a lot of debate over it he basically doesn't agree but would support me as he wouldn't have much of a choice in the decision of what I do.  

The excercise program has been going well as long as I stay on task and try to run 4 to 7 times a week and do pushups and abs regularly.  Since december I have lost 17 lbs and only continue to lose more with my diet and excercise.  I am constantly tired with how much I work, go to school, do homework, and workout but I just need to continue the sprint for about 2 more months and I can just do the last three classes during the summer and be done and on with things.  Time to embrace the saying of "Never quit" for the next two months. 


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